My Top 3 High Carb/Low Fat Vegan Dinners!

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well! Today I am here to share with you my top 3 favorite high carb/low fat vegan dinners. While I usually eat raw during the day, I do include high carb cooked foods at night. Always keeping it low fat and vegan! These three ideas have so much flexibility and are simple, quick and delicious!

Potatoes- I never appreciated potatoes until just recently. Potatoes are an amazing high carb low fat food. And believe it or not, they are packed with vitamin C! I will either roast potatoes or boil them. Boiling is better to retain nutrients, but roasting is definitely a tasty treat! Sometimes I will eat them alone and other times I will eat them in a salad or a lettuce wrap! Usually I will consume around 7-9 medium sized potatoes.



Corn Pasta- PASTA?? YES YES! Pasta! Remember when eating high carb/low fat vegan food, eat in abundance, eat until you are fully satisfied! Corn pasta is a great alternative to pasta that contains gluten. In my opinion they taste almost exactly the same! I will eat about 3/4 of the bag with either a tomato sauce, “Alfredo sauce”, or pesto. For the tomato sauce I will either use a low sodium can version (in a rush) or I will make my own version using tomatoes, basil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and other herbs! For the Alfredo sauce I will usually use a tiny amount of raw cashews (keeping it low fat), nutritional yeast, garlic, zucchini, almond milk (unsweetened) and red chili flakes. The pesto I make has a bunch of fresh basil, fresh oregano, lemon juice, 1 garlic clove, pepper and a tiny amount of pine nuts. I usually just use tomato sauce, but it’s always good to switch it up sometimes!



Rice- Rice, as well as pasta has kind of a bad reputation. However, it really shouldn’t!  Rice is a wonderful high carb food. It is a great source protein, magnesium and vitamin B6! I usually mix rice with veggies, eat it in a salad, a lettuce wrap or even make a stir fry! The picture directly below is about 1 cup of rice, mashed together with an avocado and cilantro topped with tomatoes!



People are constantly asking me how I have time to put so much effort into my food and take the time to be healthy. The truth is, eating healthy is pretty darn simple. You just have to get the hang of it! Besides the cook time, all of these meals only take about 10-15 minutes of prep! Then whatever cooking has to happen I just do other things while I’m waiting!:) Eating simply does take getting used to, don’t get me wrong. You will no longer be drenching your food in salt, oil, butter or cheese. But guess what!? Once your taste buds transition you will realize how amazing eating simply can be. AND you will feel awesome! Remember, the key is, get in the carbs, keep the fat low and stay away from all animal products. Oh yeah! If you are wondering, Flynn eats all of these meals and LOVES them! He especially loves noodles.:) I hope you all have a beautiful day and I will talk to you soon!:)

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